Simmering Granules

Angel Wings - £1.50 each

Angel Wings is a delicate beautiful perfumed scent.

Baby Powder - £1.50 each

A beautiful aroma, evoking memories of new born babies

Aloe Vera - £1.50 each

Aloe Vera granuals , have a gentle soothing scent 

Black Orchid - £1.50 each

A highly perfumed oriental scent

Cherry - £1.50 each

Cherry has a very sweet fruity scent, with a hint of almonds 

Buddha - £1.50 each

Buddha is a secret amber scent flavoured with Bergamot, Vanilla and Musk.

Coconut - £1.50 each

Coconut is a very familiar fruity scent and an all time favourite.  

Daffodil - £1.50 each

Daffodil is a sweet, floral fragrance

De Stress - £1.50 each

De-Stress is a really lovely perfumed scent which you will take pleasure in whilst relaxing.

Devon Violets - £1.50 each

Devon Violet is a scent traditionally associated with Parma Violets

Dragons Blood - £1.50 each

Simmering Granules are a fantastic alternative to fragrance oils

Ebony - £1.50 each

The fragrance created by Regent House is a musky oriental scent.

Fairy Dust - £1.50 each

Fairy Dust is a sweet, pretty with fabric softener overtones

Frankincense - £1.50 each

Frankincense is spicy and perfumed and very exotic.


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Freesia - £1.50 each

Freesia is a top selling fragrance with a sweet floral heady aroma.

Xmas Tree Sparkle - £1.50 each

a scented winter pine with a hint of perfume

Guardian Angel - £1.50 each

Guardian Angel is a sweet, sugary scent with citrus undertones.

Hawaiian Paradise - £1.50 each

Hawaiian Paradise has undertones of fruits such as coconut, mango and papaya

Hidden Garden - £1.50 each

The scent which has been created includes one of Princess Diana’s favourite fragrances

Honeysuckle - £1.50 each

The honeysuckle has a wonderful bouquet

Jasmine - £1.50 each

Jasmine is known for its beautiful perfume

Lavender - £1.50 each

Lavender is a very relaxing and calming scent

Lemon Musk - £1.50 each

This fragrance has the zesty scent of lemon combined with the earthy smell of musk.

Linen Fresh - £1.50 each

Linen Fresh is a breezy refreshing fragrance.

Mulled Wine - £1.50 each

Mulled Wine is a very distinctive christmas fragrance

Night Scented Stock - £1.50 each

Night Scented Stock primarily grown for its beautiful delicate scent through the evening

Opium - £1.50 each

Opium is a rich, and perfume like scent.

Patchouli - £1.50 each

The scent is heavy and strong with an almost oriental quality to its fragrance.

Rose Musk - £1.50 each

Fresh Rose aroma

Sandalwood - £1.50 each

Sandalwood is the fragrant wood of trees

Rose - £1.50 each

Evokes memories of an English Country garden in Summer 

Strawberry - £1.50 each

Fresh scent of strabwerrys, a summer fave

Vanilla - £1.50 each

Strong vanilla scent

Very Berry - £1.50 each

A good combination of british berries

White Musk - £1.50 each

An Earthy, sensual & woody fragrance

Wish Upon a star - £1.50 each

a mix of chocolate and oranges, popular all year round 

Japanese Magnolia - £1.50 each

An exotic floral scent, makes Japanese Magnolia one of our most popular fragrances 

Candlelight - £1.50 each

a wonderful scent of oranges with vanilla undertones 

Arabian Musk - £1.50 each

A powerful and  heady scent 

Nag Champa - £1.50 each

Fragrance from India with a high concentration of Sandalwood 

Apple Blossom - £1.50 each

A very fragrant flowery scent, giving the thoughts of spring turning to summer 

Lemon & Lime - £1.50 each

A strong fresh citrus scent 

Tiger Lily - £1.50 each

Very floral fragrance with a strong hint of Lily

Ylang Ylang - £1.50 each

the fragrance of Ylang Ylang is rich deep and sensual, with hints of jasmine and neroli 

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